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Pre-Approved Financing for the Alex Lyon & Sons Auction in Bushnell, FL

Featured Auction – Alex Lyon & Sons Bushnell Auction 2022

This is the 29th anniversary of the greatest sale of the year! With a total of 9 days of auctions, this is the largest construction/hauling equipment auction of its kind. There are going to be all kinds of heavy equipment, including but not limited to construction equipment, aerials, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, truck tractors, trailers, and support items & attachments. Get approved for a business loan before the auction, and be confident in your purchases.


When: 2/5/2022 – 2/13/2022
Address: CR 475, Bushnell, Florida 33513
Phone: (262) 903-6269
Terms & Conditions: “Cash or Company Check” accompanied by current “Bank Letter of Guarantee”, made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells “AS IS, WHERE IS.” The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $40,001.00 and above, a 5.99% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.99% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $40,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.

List of Items for Auction

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3 SPECIAL COLLECTIBLE VEHICLES: 1954 Kenworth Tractor CC523(fully restored), 1933 Ford Flatbed Truck(restored), 1937 Mack B Model(winch), WHEELED TRENCHER: 2011 Trencor T1360W, LANDFILL COMPACTOR: Unused Cat 816K, CRAWLER CRANE: Like New Kobelco CK1100, 3 LATTICE BOOM CRAWLER CRANES: 2008 Linkbelt LS138HSL, 2006-2003 Linkbelt LS138H, 2 TELESCOPIC CRAWLER CRANES: 2013 Linkbelt TCC750, 2014 Linkbelt TCC450, 5 ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES: (3)2015 Manitex M150, Terex RT160(4×4), P&H S35, 16 ARTICULATED HAUL TRUCKS: Cat 745C, 2019-(9)2018 Bell B40E, Like New & 2020 Bell B30E, 2020 Bell B20E, 2011 JD 400D, 2012 Terex TA300, 202 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Cat 375, Cat 350LC, (5)2016 Cat 349FL, (8)2018-2017 Cat 336FL, Cat 330F, (2)Cat 330DL, Cat 329F, 2018 Cat 326FL, Cat 325, (2)2021-2019-2018-2015 Cat 323FL, Like New Cat 323, (8)Like New & 2020-(3)2019-(4)2018 Cat 320NXT, (3)Cat 320FL, 2019 Cat 316FL, (2)Like New Cat 315GC, 2020 Cat 314FLCR, 2020 Cat 314F, (14)Cat 313F, (4)Like New & (2)2020-2019 Cat 313FGC, (2)Cat 312E, (2)2021 Cat 309, (9)Cat 308E2CR, 2017-2015-2014 JD 350GLC, 2018 JD 245GLC, 2017 JD 245G, (4)2018-2015-2014-(2)2013 JD 210GLC, 2013 JD 160DLC, (15)2014 JD 27D, 2013 Hitachi ZX350LC-5, Like New Hitachi ZX225LC-6, (2)Like New Hitachi ZX130-6, 2018 Hitachi ZX120-6, 2020-2019 Hitachi ZX85USB-6, (2)2018 Hitachi ZX26, 2017 Komatsu PC240LC-11, 2018 Komatsu PC210LC-11, Komatsu PC160LC, 2015-(2)-2014 Komatsu PC138US-10, 2018 Kobelco SK210LC, 2017 Kobelco SK140RLC-5, (2)2017 Doosan DX235LCR-5, (2)Like New & 2017-2012 Doosan DX225LC, (3)2020-2019-2018 Doosan DX140LCR-5, (2)Like New Doosan DX85R-3, (4)Like New Doosan DX62R-3, (4)Like New Doosan DX50-3, 2018 Linkbelt 300X4, (2)2018 Linkbelt 210X4, (3)2018 Linkbelt 145X4, 2020 Bobcat E85, (2)2013 Kubota KX91, 2019-(6)2018-(5)2017 Kubota KX080-4, Demo NH E37C, Like New NH E35, 2020 NH E33C, 2017 Takeuchi TB290, (24)Like New Sunward SWE35UF, RUBBER TIRED EXCAVATOR: Cat M313C, MATERIAL HANDLER: 2008 Fuchs MHL320D, 16 MOTOR GRADERS: Cat 140M2, (2)Cat 140MVHP, Cat 140G, Cat 12G, JD 772C, INTEGRATED TOOL CARRIER: Cat IT28G, 32 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: 2017 Cat 980M, 2017 Cat 972M, (3)2020-2018-2015 Cat 950M, 2018 Cat 950GC, 2017 Cat 938M, Cat 920, Cat 910, (2)Like New Cat 910M, (2)2020 Cat 908M, 2018 Komatsu WA320-8, 2013 JD 644K, 2020 Hitachi ZX150, (2)Like New Hitachi ZW100-6, 2015 Hyundai HL760-9A, 2018 Doosan DL250-5, 30 CRAWLER TRACTORS: Cat D7H2, (8)2015 Cat D7E, 2018-2015-2013 Cat D6TLGP, (2)2018-2017-2015-2014 Cat D6NLGP, 2018-2017 Cat D6K2LGP, Cat D6K2LGP, 2019-2018 D5K2XL, 2018 Cat D5KLGP, 2017 Cat D5K2LGP, Cat D5H2XL(ripper), Like New Cat D4LGP, 2020 Cat D3KLGP, 2019 Cat D3K2LGP, 2017 JD 850K, 22 CRAWLER DUMPS: (4)2016 Morooka MST3000, 2012 Morooka MST2200VD, (2)2016 Morooka MST2200, 2017 Morooka MST1500VDR, 2017-(5)2013 Morooka MST1500, (2)2018 Morooka MST700, (2)IHI IC-100, IHI IC-70-2, IHI IC45-2, Komatsu 700E, 2014 Kubota KC120HC, 3 CRAWLER LOADERS: (3)Cat 973C(ripper), PIPE BENDER: DMI 6-20, 45 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: 2019 Cat 440(4×4), 2017 Cat 430F2IT(4×4), 2014 Cat 420FIT(4×4), (6)Cat 420F, (4)Cat 420E, (3)Cat 420D, 2016-2014 Cat 416F, (3)Case 580SN, (3)Case 580N, JD 710L, JD 710D, (15)2015 JD 310K(4×4), (2)JD 310SJ, JD 310SG, 2019 Kubota M62, MILLING MACHINE: 2007 Terex PR330, SLIPFORM PAVER: Gomaco GT3600, PROFILER: Roadtec, 42 VIBRATORY ROLLERS: Like New & 2020-2019 Hamm H13iP, (4)2020 Hamm H13i, Like New Hamm H12i, (6)2020 Hamm H11i, Like New & (5)2020-2019 Hamm H7i, 2020 Hamm H5i, (3)Like New & 2018 Bomag BW213D-5, (4)Like New & 2020-(2)2019 Bomag BW177D-5, 2015 Dynapac/Atlas Copco CA2500, (4)Like New Dynapac CA1500D, Unused Dynapac 1300PD, (2)2015 JCB VM117, 2006 Cat CP433E, 22 ASPHALT ROLLERS: (8)Like New Hamm HD12VV, (3)Like New Cat CB2.7GC, (3)Like New Cat CB2.5GC, 28 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: 2018 Cat 299FD2, (7)Like New Cat 289D, 2017 Cat 289DXPS, (4)Cat 279D, Demo Kubota SVL65-2, 2016 Case TR270, 2019 JD 325G, 2016 JD 323E, 2017 Bobcat T870, Like New & 2017 Bobcat T770, (2)Like New Takeuchi TL12V2, (2)Like New NH C332, (2)Like New NH C327, NH C232, 2012 Terex PT100G, 12 SKID STEERS: 2019 Cat 246D3, Cat 236D, 2019 Cat 232D, Like New NH L320, 2017 Bobcat S770, 2018 Bobcat S650, 2016 Bobcat S450, Demo Kubota SSV65, (2)2014 JD 320E, (2)2013 JD 315, 12 TRENCHERS: (8)Vermeer LM42(backhoe), (3)2013 Ditch Witch RT45, 2013 Barreto E1624, 25 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: Like New & 2019 JLG 1732(4×4), (2)Like New JLG 1255, 2016 JLG 10054, (2)Like New JLG 1055, JLG G9-43A, (2)JLG G518, JLG 6042, Like New Skytrak 10054(4×4), Like New Dieci Icarus 50.18, (3)Like New Dieci Icarus 40.17, 2020 Pettibone T944X-74, Cat TH 414C, 2013 Genie GTH1056, 2009 Bobcat V417, ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFT: Case 586E, 30 BOOM LIFTS: Like New JLG 1250AJP, (2)Like New JLG 600SJ, (6)JLG 600S, Like New & 2013 JLG 450AJ, Like New JLG T350(towable), (6)Genie S60X, 2013 Genie Z-45IC, (5)2014 Genie S40, 105 SCISSOR LIFTS: Like New JLG 430LRT, 2014 JLG 1230ES, (8)2013 Skyjack SJ4632, (10)Skyjack SJ4626, (20)Skyjack SJ3226, (33)2015-2014-(28)2013 Skyjack SJ3219, Mec 1920, Like New Mayville 2033, 2013 Genie AWP-40S, 9 AIR COMPRESSORS: Atlas Copco XAS375, (8)Atlas Copco XAS185, 36 GENERATORS: (26)New Power/Leroy 30Kw, 2 WELDERS: (2)2013 JLG 250amp, 10 LIGHT PLANTS: (3)2012 Allmand NLPro-II, 2018 Allmand NL-5000, 2 ARROW/MESSAGE BOARDS: (2)Addco DH1000, 2 CONCRETE EQUIPMENT: (2)2016 Ezg Mfg EZG9 Plaster Mixer, PILE DRIVER: Fundex F12, 14 LAWN & GARDEN TRACTORS: (14)Like New Hustler EX600/42, 9 TRACTOR LOADERS: Like New NH Powerstar 110, (5)Like New NH Workmaster-70(loader), (2)Like New NH Workmaster-55, 2013 NH Boomer 3045, 32 AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS: 2017 NH TS.130(4×4), (2)Like New NH 105(4×4), (2)Like New NH TS6.110(4×4), (6)Unused NH T5060(4×4), (6)Unused NH T5050(4×4), (6)Unused NH T5040(4×4), Unused NH T56, 2015 Mahindra Emaxx22(4×4), SWEEPER: 2019 Broce RCT350, DISTRIBUTOR TRUCK: 2002 Sterling M7500, WATER TRUCK: 2007 Ford F650(s/a), WRECKER (TOW) TRUCK: 2004 Kenworth W900(tri), BOOM & SERVICE TRUCK: Western Star(t/a), 2 BOOM TRUCKS: 2015 Western Star 4700SB(t/a), 2015 Ford F750, 3 FLATBED TRUCKS: 2006 Peterbilt 379(t/a), (2)Ford F550, 4 CAB & CHASSIS: 2013 Peterbilt 376(t/a), 2017 Chevy 3500HD, 2016-2015 Ford F350, 19 SERVICE TRUCKS: Like New Freightliner M2106, 1996 Freightliner FL170, 2013 IH 4300, 2002 Peterbilt 330(s/a), 2007 Ford F750, (2)2016-(2)2015-2005 Ford F550, 8 DUMP TRUCKS: (2)Like New Freightliner 114SD(t/a), Like New Kenworth W990(t/a), Like New Peterbilt 567, (2)Like New Peterbilt 389(t/a), 2007-2002 Chevy(s/a), 14 TRUCK TRACTORS: 2010 Peterbilt 389(t/a), 2006 Peterbilt 379(t/a), 2008 Kenworth(t/a), 2006 Sterling L9500(t/a), 2004 Mack CH613(tri), 19 PICKUP TRUCKS: 2019 Chevy 2500HD, 2019 Chevy 2500, 2016 Ford F250XLT, 2019-2012 Ford F150, 2018-(4)2017-(12)2016-2015 Nissan Frontier, (2)2015-2014 Toyota Tacoma, 2015 Dodge 1500, 15 DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILERS: (9)2022 Witzco RG52(tri), 2008 Pitts LB35(t/a), EQUIPMENT TRAILER: 2004 Traileze TE701(t/a), 30 TAGALONG TRAILERS: (30)New Delta 20’(t/a, tilt), 8 DUMP TRAILERS: (6)New Delta 14’(t/a), 2014 Ezg Mfg EZG9, 2012 Best Trail 5X10DBH, 2 PROPANE TRAILERS: (2)Trinity & Lubbock(t/a), 4 GOOSENECK TRAILERS: (4)New Delta(t/a), UTILITY TRAILER: 2013 Barreto E4X6TBT, RACE CAR TRAILER: Life Pro Motor Sports(53ft, tri), 2 WATER TRAILERS: (2)2015 Wylie EXP500S(500gal), GARBAGE COLLECTOR: Barber L200 Litter Picker, 20 UTILITY VEHICLES: 2014 Kubota RTV1140(4×4), 2014 Kubota RTV400(4×4), 2011 Kubota RTV500(4×4), (3)2013 JD XUV550S4(4×4), (4)2016 Columbia EX21-T-24, 2016-2015 Columbia BC2-L36, 2016 Columbia EX21-T-24, MULTI-USE CONTAINER: New 40ft. High Cube, 3 CONTAINERS: New 9ft., 8ft., 7ft.(w/1 door & 1 window), 8 NEW STORAGE BUILDINGS: (3)Golden Mount 40ft.x40ft., (2)Golden Mount 40ft.x20ft., (2)Golden Mount 20ft.x30ft.x12ft., Golden Mount 20ft.x20ft., 5 PORTABLE BATHROOM STATIONS: (2)New Bastone 110V Portable Toilets w/Shower, (3)New Bastone 110v Portable Toilet w/Double Stall, 3 STONE BOXES: New Steelman 12yd., 9yd., & 7yd., 11 SCRAP RECYCLING EQUIPMENT: 2013 Star 2.5 Self Dumping Hopper, (10)New Greatbear 1yd. Self Dumping Hopper, TIRES, NEW & USED: (4)Used 38X15.50 R18LT, HEATING EQUIPMENT: 2011 MITM MH-0150, 150 PRESSURE WASHERS: (30)New Easy Kleen Magnum Gold, New Greatbear 4000psi, (80)New Simpson Megashot MS61043, (37)New Energy Storm 3300psi, New Realm 2300psi, 2018 Epps 5400E6, 53 EXCAVATOR BUCKETS: New Strickland 54in. Digging, (6)New Strickland 48in. Digging, (10)New Strickland 42in. Digging, New Strickland 39in. Digging, (7)New Strickland 36in. Digging, (8)New Strickland 30in. Digging, (2)New Strickland 18in. Digging, (4)New Strickland 12in. Digging, (2)New Teran 60in. Clean Up, New Teran 48in. HD Digging, New Teran 42in. HD Digging, New Teran 36in. HD Digging, (2)New Teran 24in. HD Digging, New Teran 48in. Skeleton, 2013 XCMG 48in. Digging, 2016 XCMG 36in. Digging, 2019-2016 XCMG 24in. Digging, 2012 Chicago Pneumatic 36in. Digging, 2019 TAG 24in. Digging, 3 EXCAVATOR THUMBS: New Bodine TH-250, New Bodine TH-200, New Bodine TH-180, EXCAVATOR RIPPERS: New Teran, 153 ATTACHMENTS: (149)Skid Steer, (2)Backhoe, Excavator, Lift, 805 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (34)Stanley ST3TWPLT 3in. Trash Pump, (20)Gentron 7500 Watt Generator, Mustang LF88 Plate Compactor, Mustang MP4800 2in. Sub Pump, (100)Mech Marvels Generator, (3)Simpson 70008 Portable Generator, (100)Simpson 70007 Portable Generator, (22)Greatbear 20ft. Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Gate, (5)Greatbear 14ft. Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Gate, Steelman 10ft. Workbench w/40-Drawers, (2)Steelman 10ft. Workbench w/25-Drawers, (8)Steelman 10ft. Workbench w/15-Drawers & 2 Cabinets, (2)Steelman 7ft. Workbench w/10-Drawers & 2 Cabinets, Greatbear Qty Of 22pc 2t-5t Webbing Sling, (7)Greatbear (5)5400lbs Ratchet Binder & (10)20ft. 5/16” Chain, (7)Greatbear (5)9200lbs Ratchet Binder & (10)20ft. 3/8” Chain, (3)5/16’’ 7ft. G80 Double Legs Lifting Chain Slings, New Greatbear 200lb Anvil, (3)Greatbear Electric Winch, New Greatbear (38) 4.75t-12t Rigging Hardware, 122 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: 52in. Outdoor Grill, 2013 Genie SLC24 Material Lift, 2014 Inger-Rand 2545K7.5 Air Compressor, 2014 Edco CPM-8-9H Cement Planer, 2015 Schaefer VAF1500 Electric Blower, 2013 Ridgid 1224 Pipe Threader/Reamer/Cutter, 2016 Stihl FS56R-CE Weed Eater, 2014 Ridgid 41935 Pipe Threader/Reamer/Cutter, 2015 Hyster W40Z 4000lb Pallet Jack, 2015 Thermastor 5028205 RDS10 Dehumidifier, 2014 Thermastor 4028205 RDS10 Dehumidifier, 2016 Multiquip MTX80SD Rammer, (2)2013 Multiquip QP2TH 2in. Trash Pump, 2013 Multiquip ST2010TCUL 2in. Sub Pump, 2017 Bosch 11255VSR Rotary Hammer, 2017 IMT Truck Boxes, 2012 Multiquip QP3TH 3in. Trash Pump, Ingersoll Rand 2475 Vertical Air Compressor, Merry Tiller, 2013 Multiquip ST2010TCUL 2in. Trash Pump, 2013 Ryan Aerator, 2018 Yale MPB045VG Pallet Jack, 2018 APT 5302-6 25lb Air Hammer, 2016 MITM AM1-PH65-08M Air Compressor, 2009 Clean Emis 2-250 Scrubber, 2009 Exmark M15KA322P 32in. Lawn Mower, 2009 Clean Emis 2-250 Scrubber, 2012 Stihl TS420 Cut Off Saw, 2013 Hilti DD200 Core Drill, (2)2012 Ezee KDEH12 1000lb Port-A-Crane, 2012 Multiquip QP4TH, 2013 Hilti DD200 Core Drill, 2013 Hilti Core Drill, 2013 Edco 18in. Concrete Saw, 2011 APT 5300 25lb Chipping Hammer, (2)APT 5216 Rivet Buster, 2012 APT 5302 25lb Hammer, 2012 APT 5302 25lb Hammer, 852194.0, 2015 APT 5202 35lb Air Hammer.

It Get’s Bigger Every Year

Here’s a look at the 2013 Kissimmee Auction from a helicopter flyby. All of the equipment is reputably sourced and looked at before it goes on auction. As you can see, there are many pieces of heavy equipment to choose from.

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