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Jan 11, 2022 | Newsletters

Pre-Approved Auction Financing

Pre-Approved Loans for Florida Auctions 2022

Patriot Financial LLC allows you to finance up to 100 percent of the cost of the equipment that you need for your business. The loan term can be up to the expected life of the equipment. Interest rates will vary depending on your credit.

When you pay off your loan, you will own your equipment and can do what you wish with it. Since the maximum loan offers you up to 100 percent financing, you may avoid making a large capital expenditure in order to secure the equipment that you need for your business operations.

Featured Auctions

Why Choose Patriot Financial

Alex Lyon & Sons

Bushnell Auction 2022

2/5 – 2/14

Heavy Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

Yoder & Frey

Kissimmee Auction 2022

2/16 – 2/19

Equipment Leaseing

Ritchie Bros

Orlando Auction 2022

2/21 – 2/26

Types Of Construction & Heavy Equipment Financed

Jeff Martin Auctioneers Inc.

Kissimmee Auction 2022

2/14 – 2/16

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