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Vendor Financing

As a vendor, you need to have the working capital that you need in order to continue operating. When you have positive working capital, it indicates that your business is able to continue to meet its obligations while remaining financially stable.

As a vendor, being able to offer financing options so that your customers can make purchases from you can help you to drive sales and to expand its operational capacity.

Patriot Financial LLC is proud to offer vendor financing to meet your business needs.

Vendor Financing

What Is Vendor Financing?

Patriot Financial LLC offers a financing option for independent business owners, distributors and suppliers so that your customers are able to make purchases from your inventory. With vendor financing through us, your customers can obtain financing that they can use to buy the products and supplies that you are offering.

What Are the Benefits of Vendor Financing?

With the vendor financing program through Patriot Financial, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • No credit risk
  • Offering your customers a financing solution without having to worry about repossessing inventory
  • Full payment for the goods that are sold

How Does Vendor Financing Work?

Vendor financing may be a terrific solution for your business so that you are able to offer financing options for your customers. We are able to provide financing to your clients so that they can buy your products. This can allow you to avoid having to turn away customers because they don’t have sufficient credit and to increase your sales. You will receive 100 percent of the purchase price of your products and won’t have to finance them yourself.

Vendor financing is available with varying terms depending on your customers’ credit statuses and how large their orders are. The process is straightforward. When your customer secures funding from Patriot Financial, you will receive your payment up front for the products or equipment that are purchased. Your customer then repays his or her loan to us directly so that you avoid credit risks.

Why Choose Patriot Financial for Vendor Financing?

With our vendor financing program, you won’t have to turn away potential customers or credit applications. You simply have to refer your customers to Patriot Financial, and we may approve them for funding. We fund many merchants that have been turned down by banks and are able to work directly with local sales offices and credit departments to make our vendor financing flexible and fast.

Your customers will experience an easy application process, and we are able to work with all types of credit. They may receive access to the funds that they need to purchase your inventory in as little as two business days. When you make financing available for your customers, you can watch your sales increase without assuming credit risk. Contact Patriot Financial LLC today to learn more about our vendor financing program so that you can get started.

How Does Vendor Financing Work

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